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How did Welme happen?
09 Dec, 2018

How did Welme happen?

Humans developed technologies to land on the Moon decades ago but are still struggling to treat Dysmenorrhea in women without causing any side-effects. How disappointing! What took so long? Ignorance, lack of education or motivation to do something about it? Probably.

Dysmenorrhea, also called menstrual pain or period pain, has been a problem since centuries or more. Probably since the first girl child was born. Dysmenorrhea is something women bear in silence. In extreme conditions, they either take chemically formulated pills, use ointments, hot water bags and drink teas. Everything is done privately. In countries like India, menstruation is treated as taboo. Women cannot even say that they are going through the period of menstruation. Forget about the pain. The fear of being isolated, and seen as someone infected makes women uncomfortable to even broach the subject.

Modern Indian women are now breaking the stigma and coming forward to talk about menstruation for helping fellow women get through the problem together. Our founder, Preksha Chopra, is one such woman. Handling home, business and the most active kid kept her busy all day, and at night. With so much to juggle with already, she sometimes wished period pain was not part of a woman’s life.

After countless hours in the company of her R&D and Design team, Preksha managed to do something about this pressing issue. Her expertise and experience in the industry of body pain management devices based on TENS technology conceived a groundbreaking idea – Why not use this widely used, scientifically proven technology for treating menstrual pain? This idea began the journey of Welme. The core focus was to alleviate period pain safely, without causing any side effects, without injecting anything in the body and definitely without swallowing anything like a chemically loaded pill. All of this was achieved in a modern, stylish and flauntable manner with Welme so that every woman can experience a pain-free period.

Preksha talked to women around her about their painful experiences during periods. She had many questions for them –

  • What kind of pain did they experience?
  • Where exactly was the pain centre?
  • Were there any other conditions that came along with the pain?
  • What solutions did they use?
  • How much did those solutions help them with the pain?

The answers she got were eye-opening. She knew that she was on the right track and narrowed down on a solution for period pain-nerve stimulation through TENS, which is a world-renowned technology used widely for pain management. Benefits of TENS for period pain are:

  • Non-invasive
  • Drug-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Works instantly
  • Button-touch technology
  • No side-effects

The development of a pocket-size TENS device was set in motion. It was perfect because it worked naturally and could be used over and over again for many years. As period pain is a monthly problem, something which does not cause side effects was the first condition here. First, a basic device was made which Preksha tested on herself. Then the device was used by a few of her friends and more women who could vouch for the device. The outcome? It was unbelievable. The device actually worked effectively on period pain. How?

The wearable device can be worn on the waistband. The electrode patches on the device are to be placed on the pain area of the body. Then with just a button, the TENS technology in the device starts doing its magic (of course, this magic is science). The TENS sends mild, regulated electrical impulses over the surface of the skin to the nerve endings which results in two-way action.
Stimulates the body to release Endorphins, natural pain-killing hormones
Blocks pain signals from reaching the brain and reduces pain quickly

The device is a success, and so was the idea of giving an easy period pain solution to women. Welme was born from pain to treat the pain. The significant thing is that it was born in India, and it is India’s first Menstrual Pain Relief Device.

It took years of research into the product. We beautified it in the manufacturing unit to make it look cute and stylish. We made it market-ready with educational and promotional materials with the help of a branding agency. We made it accessible, mobile and beautiful in every way. It is not only pretty on the outside but also does pretty amazing work on the inside by managing the period pain naturally.

Today, Welme is a best friend to every woman. It helps women break the shackles of period pain and take on the world boldly without taking a painful pause. It doesn’t matter whether you live in any part of the world, Welme is ready to make you well.

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