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Frequently asked questions

Welme is easy to use. But you certainly have some questions that brought you here. We have answered them and many others for you to understand Welme better. Welme device also comes with a detailed manual for better insight and if you still wish to know more, do contact us.

Basic Questions

We ship Pan India.

You can receive Welme in 7 days

Your return will be accepted only if the following conditions are met:

  • You must retain the receipt of purchase in order to be eligible for the return.
  • The product should be returned in the original packaging, with all the components in working condition.

Once we receive the device back, our team would be inspecting it. After inspection, if your return is approved, we would immediately initiate your refund and also notify you about the same.

The product lifeline is 5 years.

Please use it a few times before getting any relief.

No. You must remove the product before going to sleep.

As it is TENS therapy, which is non-invasive with no side effects, you can use it till you get pain relief

Welme Nerve Stimulator Device, Device case, Electrode Patches Cable, 2 Electrode Patches Set, USB Charging Cable, User Manual.

Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Yes, every menstruator can use it.

Yes, We have 60 day buyback guarantee incase you don't feel any relief from the product. The buyback is available only on the purchases made through the website.

Health-Related Questions

No. It will not interfere with your fertility.

Yes. You can use it if you have an IUD.

Store the patches in the device case to keep them clean and safe for your next use.

Yes. Welme can even help you with PCOS pain.

Yes. Welme can give relief in endometriosis pain too by adjusting to a comforting intensity level.

No, it can not be used by pregnant females

Welme helps in relieving such pains significantly when used with appropriate intensity levels.

Device-Related Questions

Place the patches where you feel pain.

Welme is a nerve stimulator. It works on TENS principles.

TENS therapy is known for reducing pain by sending mild and regulated electrical impulses from the surface of the skin to the nerve endings which block pain signals from reaching the brain.

It is auto-programmed for 15 mins. In 15 mins you might feel pain relief. If you feel the pain again. you can reuse Welme.

You can buy a new one from the website.

Please always store the device in the provided casing with the accessory

Please check the attachment of the wire and patches.

You can use the device 3-4 times a day.

The device is automatic and gets off by itself. Also, if you press the minus button the device will be off.

One set can be used around 30 times.

The device needs 1 hour to be fully charged.

10-12 times, depending on the intensity on which it has been used.

Being non-invasive, there are no side effects.

Yes, you can use the device on your back.

There are 21 intensity levels. After 7 clicks on intensity, the indication increases.

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