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Phases of Menstrual Cycle
18 Jan, 2024

Phases of Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever pondered the reason behind the unique stages of your menstrual cycle? It’s not just about having your period and reaching for a hot water bottle and a bag of chocolates. Each phase holds a deeper meaning within the grand scheme.

You may be wondering, “Why stages?” “Why not keep things simple?” Excellent question! The menstrual cycle consists of carefully orchestrated phases that work together to maintain balance and ensure that your body’s reproductive rhythm is in sync

Menstrual Phase, Follicular Phase, Ovulation Phase, and Luteal Phase are the four phases of menstruation. As the remarkable powerhouse that it is, your body follows this pattern to produce an optimum environment for prospective pregnancy and to guarantee everything works properly. You may connect with your body on a whole new level by understanding these stages of menstrual cycle.

So, let’s take a closer look at each of these menstrual cycle stages, shall we?

What are the Four Stages of the Menstrual Cycle?

Now, we’re assuming a 28-day cycle here, which is the average among women. Duration varies for different women, but each phase has its typical duration.

So, get ready to navigate through the phases of the menstrual cycle like a pro, understanding the rhythm and routine your body effortlessly follows. 

Menstrual Phase

During the Menstrual Phase, your body is shedding the uterine lining that was prepared for a potential pregnancy in the previous cycle. It’s like hitting the reset button, making room for a new beginning. Now, let’s break down the symptoms you might experience.

Duration: Day 1 to 5

Symptoms of Menstrual Phase

Menstrual Flow

The major event. The discharge of blood from your uterus will signal the start of your menstruation. It’s completely natural, and it’s your body’s way of getting ready for the next cycle.

Period Cramps

You may experience pain when your uterus contracts to evacuate the lining. It’s like a subtle reminder that your body is at work, leading to fatigue. Read more about alleviating them.

Mood Changes

Hormones are at work, and your emotions may experience a rollercoaster ride. You might be cheerful one minute and depressed the next. It is a normal aspect of the Menstrual Cycle.

Food Cravings

Whether it’s chocolate or something salty, cravings might make an appearance. Your body might be signalling a need for comfort food.

Breast Tenderness

Your breasts may become more sensitive during this time. It’s just another way your body reacts to hormonal changes.

Back Pain

Lower back pain is not uncommon. Your pelvic muscles are at work, and it can radiate to your lower back.


Your abdomen might feel a bit swollen or bloated. This is due to hormonal changes affecting water retention.

Follicular Phase

This is the time when your body gears up for potential conception, and things start to get interesting. In the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, your body is like a meticulous planner preparing for a grand event – a potential pregnancy.

Duration: Day 1 to 13

Symptoms of Follicular Phase

Lighter Flow

As your body moves past the menstrual phase, the bleeding gradually lessens.

Increased Energy

You might find a boost in your energy levels. Your body is gradually shaking off the fatigue from the Menstrual Phase, and you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Mood Improvement

With hormonal shifts, you could experience an uplift in your mood.

Heightened Libido

Your body is primed for potential conception, and you might notice an increase in your libido.

Cervical Mucus Changes

You might observe changes in cervical mucus consistency. It becomes clearer and more slippery, creating a hospitable environment for sperm.

Ovulation Predictor

If you’re keen on tracking ovulation, this is the time when ovulation predictor kits may indicate an approaching fertile window.

Ovulation Phase

Your body is in full swing when you exit the Follicular Phase, arranging the release of an egg from the ovary.  Let’s take a deeper look at the Ovulation Phase and investigate the various symptoms your body may be exhibiting during this critical moment.

Duration: Day 14

Symptoms of Ovulation Phase

Cervical Mucus Changes

Keep an eye out for changes in cervical mucus. It becomes transparent, slippery, and flexible, similar to egg whites. This uniformity aids the sperm’s trip to the egg.

Light Pelvic Pain

Some women have mittelschmerz, which is defined as light pelvic pain or a twinge on one side of the lower abdomen. It’s a subtle indicator that the egg is about to hatch.

Positive Ovulation Test

During this period, a positive result implies that ovulation is about to occur or has already happened.

Mood steadiness

Unlike the previous stages’ shifting emotions, you may find a sense of steadiness during ovulation. Hormones interact to generate an ideal atmosphere.

Luteal Phase

Your body enters a phase that is distinguished by the last among the phases of the menstrual cycle that involves anticipation and preparation as it moves from the thrilling apex of fertility. Your body works as a cohesive unit after ovulation, getting ready for either the cycle’s natural end or a possible pregnancy.

Duration: Day 15-28

Symptoms of Luteal Phase

Abdominal pain

During the Luteal Phase, some women report having moderate abdominal cramps or pain. It is the body’s reaction to the most recent ovulation.

Possible Spotting

Spots of light may sometimes be seen. This can be a reaction to the ovulation-related modifications to the uterine lining.

Mood Fluctuations

You may have mood swings throughout the Luteal Phase as hormones continue to play a part. It resembles the gentle ups and downs of feelings as your body prepares for what comes next.

Severe Premenstrual Syndrome

Your body may become more aware of premenstrual symptoms as it gets ready for the end of the cycle.


You may experience some weariness as your body prepares for the impending Menstrual Phase or pregnancy. It’s a normal reaction to intricate hormonal interactions.

Food to Eat During Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle

Food is literally our best friend when it comes to dealing with the phases of menstrual cycle. It is necessary to eat specific food to alleviate the symptoms and feel a little bit better during different phases. Let’s get to know each other.

Food to Eat During Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle

Lifestyle Changes in Different Phases of Menstruation

Of course, your diet is important as it helps you deal with the stages of your menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, along with the diet, a few lifestyle changes are like a cherry on top.

Lifestyle Changes in Different Phases of Menstruation


Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the phases of menstruation, what goes on in each, and how to handle the different phases of the menstrual cycle– you’re armed with some serious knowledge. Dealing with these phases is no small feat, and the way you handle it all is seriously impressive. Just remember, you’re not flying solo in this adventure.

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