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Period Cravings: Beat that hunger pang

If you feel annoyingly starved and only some baked goods, a box of chocolate paired with some fries can bring you salvation then buckle up because it’s officially shark week. The fluctuating hormones and serotonin are the real reason behind your period cravings.
Although satisfying your cravings sounds very comforting and yummy, we have a few really good tips to balance your sugar and carbs intake.


Get Magnesium boost

Often your chocolate cravings are related to low magnesium levels in your body. While eating chocolate is undefeated, we can always try and switch it up with something healthy.

  • Try leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • If you still crave chocolate, choose dark chocolate!

Have small but more meals

Controlling the blood sugar level is the key to busting out those period cravings.

  • Try small and frequent meals rather than a few large ones.
  • Don’t skip meals you will end up eating more.

Reach for the sunshine

Hormonal balance is what we are seeking for a smooth ride during our periods. Taking in a little sunlight helps boost your serotonin level making you crave less.

  • Step out in your backyard and take it in
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Pick your sports shoes

Indulge in some light movement for your body it will help boost your serotonin. Not only will it lower your cravings, but it will also increase the happy hormones making you feel happier and energised.

  • Take a walk in the park or a quick run.
  • Try some yoga to relax your muscles

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