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Mood Swings : Tackle it easy

Period week is always horrible but what’s even more taxing is the week before it! Irritation, bloating, tiredness, feeling of being constantly cranky and a whole wave of mood swings. Girls, we feel you! And so we bring you 4 remedies that can help you manage your period mood swings better.

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If period mood swings trouble you, raise your hands up and get them moving! Yes, a little exercise is proved to uplift your mood and make your day better.

  • Try specific Yoga asana as it calms mind and controls stress
  • Go for a brisk walk. It boosts endorphins
  • Even dancing to your favourite song counts as a workout
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Say hi to hydration! Drinking 8-9 glasses of water everyday means less bloating and better hormone regulation. Feel better with some water!

  • Consuming warm water eases cramps and uplifts mood
  • Take a few sips at regular intervals to avoid dehydration
  • Adding a slice of cucumber and lime to it keeps your body cool
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Take that much needed respite and pamper yourself with all things comfortable. It’s time to go “Mode: DND,” snooze your phones and get into a journey of self-care!

  • Take a good 7-9 hours sleep to rejuvenate your mind
  • Relish a bar of your favourite dark chocolate
  • Go on a movie-marathon that’s been long due
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Cravings are calling….But don’t answer all of them! A good diet can work wonders in managing mood swings during those tough period days. Remember, a healthy diet is a healthy mood!

  • Include enough greens, fruits and veggies for nutrients
  • Eating small portions of meal throughout the day eases PMS symptoms
  • Avoid huge caffeine intake as it enhances insomnia and anxiety

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