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Hormonal Headaches : Know how to relieve it

Period week is always horrible but what’s even more taxing is the week before it! Irritation, bloating, tiredness, feeling of being constantly cranky and a whole wave of mood swings. Girls, we feel you! And so we bring you 4 remedies that can help you manage your period mood swings better.

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Cold therapy

Imagine the coolness of an icepack on your head, the tension evaporating just like that. Cold therapy is greatly effective in reducing headaches.

  • Put an icepack on your forehead to cool down tension
  • Don’t put it for too long or too frequent as it may irritate skin
  • A good 10 minutes cold therapy work wonders
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Don’t rush too hard. Go easy on yourself. Take proper rest between your work and ease your schedules to seek some time for your well-being. This shall reduce the chances of frequent headaches.

  • Get off screens and digital media to relax your mind
  • Take a good 7-9 hours sleep to manage menstrual headaches
  • Maintain a sleep schedule to keep your hormones balanced
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Massage therapy

Headaches are also a result of muscle tension, building stress in your body and imbalance of hormones. Relax your body, fix your hormone levels and ease off tension with a good massage.

  • Get a shoulder massage to ease the rising headache
  • Book yourself a Chiro therapy; it eases pain and restores estrogen balance.
  • A good head massage reduces stress hormones
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Relaxation exercises

Forget the worries of the world and try some relaxation techniques to align your body, mind and soul. This shall make menstrual migraines bearable and period days a lot easy.

  • Calm your head with deep breathing exercises
  • Align your body and mind with specific Yoga asanas
  • Perform meditation to relax muscles and improve headache symptoms

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