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Everything You Need To Know About Period Cramps

Period cramps are technically termed dysmenorrhea which typically occurs before and during a woman’s menstruates. The period cramps can range from mild or slight discomfort to severe pain. With the passing age of women the pain gets less painful and may stop entirely after delivering a baby. However, there are some exceptional cases too, who still face pain. In this guide, we are going to learn everything about period pain. From the root cause, treating the period pain naturally to some unique ways to manage period pain.

Period pain can be severe for many women. Research also indicates that period cramps can also reach levels of intensity comparable to a heart attack. We have seen many women relying on medications which is not an appropriate option to go for. Recent studies have shown that taking painkillers during menstruation can cause an adverse reaction like Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) syndrome.

What’s the option then? Should it be left untreated? Well, No. We have a unique way to reduce period pain naturally. Welme Period Pain Relief Device, it’s natural, drug-free and clinically tested. Based on TENS technology, this TENS Unit for Menstrual Pain can help to manage period pain through the micro-currents passed through the patches that you need to attach on the pain points. It releases the good hormone called endorphins that lessens the intensity of pain. Experience it once, and bid farewell to the menstrual cramps accompanying Aunt Flo.

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