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Sleep Position for good health in women
22 Aug, 2022

Sleep Position for good health in women

62% of the world population faces sleep disorders. Whereas in a poll conducted by American Sleep Foundation, 18% of respondents complained of excessive sleepiness.

These appalling statistics convey that the world is facing a severe sleep crisis. Most people are struggling with a certain degree of sleep problems.

The good news is that correcting your sleeping position can significantly improve sleep quality.

And each of us has a favourite sleeping position that lulls us into a deep sleep. But can one sleep position be better than the other?

Though no one size fits all guide to the best sleeping position exists. Certain positions are better for pregnant women, whereas others are better for individuals with digestion and back issues.

But it turns out that some positions are better than others. Some positions can instigate sleep disorders, whereas some can help you snooze in no time.

Read on to in detail explore the most healthy sleeping positions and, using that information find out which one’s the best fit for you:

1. Fetal position:

As the name suggests, this position is the natural position of the fetus when it’s in the mother’s womb.

The fetal position involves sleeping on the side with your knees curled up towards the chest.

Studies support that sleeping on the left side reduces heartburn. If you’re someone who battles with frequent bouts of acidity, this can help you alleviate the problem.

Snoring is a critical issue today. Hopkins Medicine article says that about 25% of adults snore regularly.

If you’ve been facing sleep problems because of an ongoing snoring issue, this position can help you deal with it. And aid you in enjoying deep sleep.

This is also an excellent sleeping position for pregnant women because it helps to reduce pressure on your heart.

Not just that, this sleeping position is also ideal for people who have anxiety. Since you create a ball-like shape in this position, it relaxes the muscles and leads to a sense of calmness.

If you’re on your periods and suffering from cramps, this has to be your go-to sleeping position. This reduces the pressure on the abdominal muscles and can ease period pain and cramps.


To enjoy the utmost comfort in this position, loosen up your legs. You can even consider keeping a pillow between your knees.

2. Sleeping on the side:

Sleeping on the side is the second most popular sleeping position. It is similar to sleeping in a fetal position. The only minor difference is that it does not involve curling your knees to the chest.

There’s extensive debate about sleeping on which side can resolve sleep disorders. Research proves that sleeping on the left is more beneficial than on the right.

This position is considered healthy since it aligns the spine and keeps it neutral.

If you have a sedentary job, then there’s a high possibility that you may be a victim of lower back pain and neck pain. Sleeping on the left side can relieve you of pain, provided you support your knees with a pillow or a blanket.

Many people today complain of sluggish digestion. Sleep on the left side improves the functioning of your stomach and pancreas since they’re placed on the left. And this leads to improved digestion.

Moreover, sleeping on the left improves the heart’s functioning since it is also placed on the left side.

Experts say If you’re pregnant, you must sleep on the left side as much as possible. When you sleep on the left, it boosts blood flow to the uterus and the foetus. And it also prevents your expanding body weight from pushing down to the liver.

Furthermore, sleeping on the left reduces the possibility of Alzheimer’s and improves brain health.

3. Sleeping flat on the back:

It is also called the supine position.

If one sleeping position offers a host of health benefits, it is this.

We understand that for many people sleeping on the back may be more stressful than relaxing. But it’s only a matter of training your body. And this training is worth every bit of effort.

In this position, your spine stays elongated and in its natural form. This is an excellent state to keep the spine protected from injuries.

Not just that, if you’re someone who often complains of spinal and neck pain, this position will give you a much-needed respite from pain.

When you sleep on your stomach or the side, your facial skin directly interacts with the pillow. This can become a significant cause of the occurrence of wrinkles and breakouts.

But when you sleep on your back, this situation doesn’t arise since your face lays flat on the pillow. Sleeping on the back is a solid step toward preventing wrinkles and breakouts.

Like the fetal position, sleeping on the back is a surefire remedy to resolve heartburn or other digestion issues.

Moreover, if you’re in your monthly cycles, this is yet another sleeping position that can help alleviate period pain.

Though this position comes with its package of benefits, it should be avoided by pregnant women or older individuals. This is also a strong no-no for individuals with sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

If you’re constantly swinging between feeling excessive sleepiness or not getting sleep, we strongly recommend you try these sleeping positions. You’ll be surprised at how drastically your sleep quality enriches.

In research conducted by the Sleep Foundation, 30% of girls and women reported that they experienced poor sleep during their periods. A lot of their poor sleep quality contributed to severe cramps.

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