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Benefits of TENS Unit for Period Pain
21 Jul, 2023

Benefits of TENS Unit for Period Pain

Menstrual cycles characterized by intense and recurring discomfort and cramps are referred to as painful periods. The root cause of a painful period is often abnormal uterine contractions. This condition can affect any woman, potentially beginning with her initial menstrual cycle and possibly persisting throughout her life. Alternatively, it could emerge later in life due to a pre-existing condition like fibroids or endometriosis. 

Research indicates that using heat packs, NSAID painkillers, certain foods, good sleep, and physical activities such as jogging, yoga, and other exercises alleviate menstrual discomfort. However, these may or may not provide instant relief from menstrual pain. This is where period pain relief devices based on TENS technology can be a trusted savior. 

This post discusses the benefits of TENS technology for period pain relief and also elaborates on how using Welme’s TENS-based period pain relief device is a perfect way to relieve yourself from menstrual pain. 

TENS Unit for Menstrual Cramps

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a risk-minimal, and noninvasive technique that can be self-administered via a device to lessen period pain. It reduces the need for painkillers and enhances the life quality in women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea.

How Does TENS Work?

Eliminates the Root Cause of Menstrual Pain

The latest research suggests that the main causes of primary dysmenorrhea are the overproduction of prostaglandins and a reduction in ovarian hormone levels in the endometrium. These changes cause the uterus to contract excessively. It leads to hampered blood circulation, which can persist for several hours. This results in conditions that instigate pain and cramps. 

TENS may alter prostaglandins in menstrual fluid and boost blood circulation, which indirectly leads to pain-relieving effects.

Stimulating the sensory nerves is a potent method to evoke the release of the beta-endorphin hormone that fosters relaxation. TENS employs calming pulses transmitted via the period pain relief device into the skin and through the nerve paths. These pulses inhibit pain messages to the brain. 

Benefits of TENS Technology in Managing Period Pain

TENS Unit Provide Instant Relief from Period Pain

TENS technology offers nearly immediate relief for many people. Once the device is turned on and correctly placed, the electric signals excite the nerves, initiating the production of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), which can swiftly ease the discomfort. Once the TENS unit is turned on and the electrodes are correctly placed on the impacted zone, it generates electrical impulses that excite the nerves. This action prompts the discharge of endorphins, neurotransmitters functioning as organic analgesics within the body. The release of these endorphins can aid in reducing pain and impart a feeling of comfort.

Long-Lasting Relief

The menstrual pain relief offered by the device can endure considerably. The length of time for which pain relief persists after utilizing a TENS unit differs among individuals. A significant number of women report continued alleviation of pain up to 24 hours post-cessation of the nerve stimulation. The period of pain relief can be extended with recurrent TENS sessions. The extent of relief can differ based on the individual and the intensity of the pain, but regular and prescribed use of the device can help maintain relief throughout the menstrual cycle.


This gadget provides a non-pharmaceutical method for dealing with menstrual discomfort. It employs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology, which offers pain relief by exciting the nerves, eliminating the need for drugs. It offers an alternative method to manage menstrual discomfort without the side effects associated with pharmaceutical medicines.

TENS Unit is Non-Invasive

The device doesn’t need any invasive techniques or injections, making it non-invasive. Invasive processes are painful, and risky and may cause adverse reactions if handled by inexperienced and untrained practitioners. TENS devices like Welme’s period pain kit offer a non-invasive way to alleviate menstrual discomfort and incessant pain that halts your daily routine. 

Easy to Use

The menstrual pain alleviation device is made to be easy to operate. The device features intuitive controls and comes with clear guidelines and instructions, making it easy for users to operate and customize their pain relief experience. TENS-based devices include straightforward guidelines that enable users to effortlessly modify settings and tailor the strength of the electric stimulation to their comfort zone.

It is a Portable TENS Device

Welme’s device for managing menstrual pain is typically small and easy to transport, enabling users to bring it along wherever they journey. This provides women with the flexibility to mitigate pain anywhere, be it at their workplace, during trips, or in the sanctuary of their own homes. Welme’s period pain relief device is designed to be compact and portable, allowing users to conveniently carry it with them wherever they go. 


In comparison to the continuous expenses of medication or other invasive treatments, using a TENS device for menstrual pain relief can be a financially sensible option. After buying the device, the only recurring expense is the periodic replacement of the electrodes.


The TENS unit is a popular and trusted method for managing pain, recognized for its safety when used correctly. It’s engineered with numerous safety measures and conforms to regulatory guidelines, ensuring the safety of the user.

No-Side Effects

TENS is generally a risk-free therapy for the majority of individuals, with no adverse reactions. However, certain individuals might have allergies to the pads, causing skin redness and irritation. If such things occur, it might be necessary to temporarily stop using the TENS device.

Highly Effective

TENS technology has proven to be efficient in managing various pain types, including menstrual discomfort. A lot of users have reported substantial pain reduction and enhanced comfort while using TENS devices for menstrual cramps. However, the outcome and timings of effect may differ from person to person.

Wrapping Up

While period pains can be relieved by numerous methods ranging from analgesics (NSAIDs-based pain killers)  to natural and home treatments such as bathing in warm water, exercises, yoga, drinking green tea, etc. However, if you’re looking for a more proactive approach, a new device is now available to assist. 

Period TENS units are specifically developed for use throughout menstruation. The concept is to activate the nerves in the areas experiencing pain, which transmit messages to the brain indicating an issue. Following this stimulation, these nerves stop sending signals to the brain.

However, not all TENS-based period pain relief devices are effective. Quality is a critical differentiator and low-grade TENS units may not exhibit the desired results. Welme has dedicated innumerable hours to researching and creating a genuinely effective product for women. Welme’s TENS-powered period pain relief device is a scientifically-proven solution to alleviate menstrual pain. 

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