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Process of Using Period Pain Relief Device
23 Jun, 2022

Process of Using Period Pain Relief Device

Period pain is a big problem for all menstruators. For some, it could be just a minor discomfort or uneasiness while for others, it can even disrupt their normal functioning. The feeling of being caged and crippled to menstrual pain is surely frustrating.

While there exists no escape to menstruation, technological advancements sure have made escape from menstrual pain a possibility. Through TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) period pain-relief device, pain signals are blocked by stimulating nerves, all of it with no side effects or damage to the body.

While the TENS device for menstrual pain is growing in popularity in its treatment of period pain relief, here we bring you some simple steps of how to put it into use.

Steps to use TENS period pain relief device

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