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How to Take Care of Your Girlfriend During Periods?
11 Dec, 2023

How to Take Care of Your Girlfriend During Periods?

Even if you are a very understanding boyfriend, dealing with your girlfriend’s monthly cycle can sometimes make you want to find a quiet space. But calm yourself and think for a moment. Is it right to leave your girl alone to suffer in this situation? Is this a sign of a good partner? Of course not. Thus, no matter what, stay with her and support her.

That’s all she needs during her periods, your presence, your support, your extra care, and some comfort. Understanding your girlfriend during her menstruation is the key to supporting her and strengthening the bond during this time.

You need to know that it’s a natural process that affects her mentally and physically. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to take care of a girlfriend during periods, then this article is your life savior guys. Be her “HERO” and rescue her by supporting her mentally and emotionally.

Empathetic Tips for Supporting Her Through Menstruation

Show Extra Love

Offer affection and reassurance. Tell her that you are there for her. Small gestures go a long way. Help her in doing her chores, help her to put down the things at its place which can reduce her stress and anxiety. Hug her, give her a massage on her back, bring her what she wants, cook food for her, be ready with heat pads, meds and period pain relief device that can help her to reduce the menstrual cramps and most important, be present, be involved with her. Don’t discuss menstruation as it may trigger her emotions.

Create Comfort

Ensure a comfortable environment. Respect her space and needs. If she needs space that respect it and if she ask to come by then be there for her. Remember, hormonal imbalance is a common issue that girls face during this time, thus, it might happen that due to the imbalance, she doesn’t know what she is speaking, thus you need to understand her better.

Tell her she is strong, take her on a ride if she feels like, make some herbal tea. Educate yourself and be attentive during her periods.

Chocolate Treat

Surprise her with her favorite chocolates or snacks. Period cravings during periods is a common thing. Thus, bring her some dark chocolate as they are rich in magnesium which can help to balance out her mood. They also help to have smooth periods. Do not let her eat junk and sugary food, get some food that is tasty and healthy at the same time.

Ignore Stuff that Provokes Her

Be mindful of things that might provoke stress or discomfort. It is not good to ask her “are you PMSing?” or “It’s normal, every woman goes through this” or “You’re just overreacting”. Premenstrual syndrome is a very serious problem and it is necessary to not take it lightly. Mood swings during periods can be highly horrifying. Thus, you should ignore things that can provoke her and trigger her mood.

You need to be patient and not get triggered when she loses her cool. Don’t try to stretch the matter, you know she is being unfair but do not convey this to her.

Watch movie with Her

Enjoy a movie together, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Ask her which movie she would love to watch, and don’t forget the popcorn. This will not only provide her relief but also distract her mind from menstrual cramps. Watch light movies that are not intense, and not make her mind think about the story. Let her feel light, and make her avoid thinking about period cramps.

Appreciation and Motivation

Positive affirmations help. Thus, encourage and appreciate her. Tell your girlfriend that “You are strong”, “You are incredible”, “You will keep supporting her no matter what”. This can reduce her stress and make her feel safe and comfortable. Leave some notes as a form of your gesture and bring her some gifts as a token of appreciation.

Be There for Her

By just being there and being sweet and kind can make anyone feel better. Tell sweet things to your girlfriend like you will be there for her in her thick and thin. If she needs some space, then respect that instead of getting offended.

Significance of Supporting Your Girlfriend During Menstruation

Menstruation is still considered as a taboo and this can be the most triggering thing for a woman. They feel that they are disrespected, they are dirty, they cannot touch a few things, and are kept alone. You as a boyfriend, husband, dads, brother need to make her feel that she is strong and make deep connections to strengthen your relationship.

It shows empathy, care, and respect for her well-being. Your support can make her feel light, comfortable and confident. Get her menstrual products. You may feel shy when you go to buy for the first time, but eventually you will

Essentials Every Boyfriend Must Have: Her Periods, Your Readiness

Keep supplies like pads, tampons, pain relief meds, and a heating pad ready. Anticipating her needs showcases thoughtfulness.

Help Your Girlfriend in Managing Period Pain

Girls are strong enough, however, it is not necessary to be strong in every situation. Create a space where they can rely upon you. Menstrual cramps can be horrible. Do you know they are as equivalent as having heart attack pain?. Yes, research has shown that sometimes the intensity of period pain can be as horrible as heart attack. Thus, consider helping your girlfriend in certain ways to reduce period pain. Keep check on with heat pads, medications that are prescribed from a gynecologist, help to massage her lower abdomen and also lower back, you can also use period pain gadgets available in the market like which Welme provides. Using period pain relief devices like TENS machines provide natural relief from period pain. They pass tiny vibrating like currents which help to send the message to the brain and eventually they help in releasing a hormone called oxytocin which is also known as a good or happy hormone that helps in easing cramps without medications.

Communicate with Her During Her Periods

Communication is the key guys. Do not hesitate to talk with her. Keep having open discussion when you can ask how you can help her if she needs anything or not. You would be able to recognize her mood and how she feels. Offering understanding through communication not only helps her during her menstruation, it even strengthens your bond and relationship.

Keep Track of Her Periods

Do simple gestures like keep track of her periods. There are many period tracking apps available, choose best out of them, involve yourself in her menstrual journey and support her. Believe me this is the least that she may expect from you.

The time of menstruation gives you a chance to know each other better. Let her know that you are there for her. Because, they may have seen their mothers suffering alone during their periods. When we go out, we have found some girls who are not comfortable talking with their moms because of the surrounding atmosphere. Thus, as a partner, as a boyfriend, educate yourself how to help your girlfriend with period cramps. What are the things that can provide her comfort, let her know that they can rely on you. Let her know that they can trust you.

More Tips for Being A Supportive Boyfriend During Her Periods

How can I satisfy my girlfriend during her period?

You can satisfy your girl in many ways during periods like communicating with her, by being a good listener, by providing her everything she needs, by helping her to forget the pain, by motivating her and most important to let her know that she is not alone in this, you are always there.

Is Chocolate good for periods?

Yes, chocolate is good but it’s dark chocolate and not normal chocolate. Dark chocolate is sugar-free and enriched with magnesium, potassium and antioxidants that can help her to balance the blood flow and hormonal fluctuations. It is the time to make her hot chocolate or just whatever form of chocolate she likes the most to have during her periods.

What not to do when a girl is on her period?

Don’t tell her that the periods are a problem every month, don’t say things that provoke her, do not talk about her menstruation.


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